About Epic Ice

Epic Ice is a year-round indoor hockey training facility for players of all ages and abilities.  Our professional and expert team provide coaching and mentorship for those who especially want to fine tune or propel their hockey or skating skills to the next level. It’s also home to Topshelf Goaltending training centre.

Synthetic Ice: Our 20 ft X 30 ft synthetic ice area has a creased goalie area to practice and perfect your hockey skills year-round. Instructors can assist you in improving your skating, shooting, passing, stick handling & goal-tending abilities.

Skating Treadmill: While we have our synthetic ice surface to help work on hockey skills, our facility also has a skating treadmill to help develop and improve skating ability & conditioning. Our skating treadmill is the largest & quietest treadmill in the world. The 8ft x 7.4ft skating area can rotate at a speed up to 20 MPH and has an automatic shut-off. The treadmill is surrounded by a puck-handling area and shooting target.  The treadmill provides players with the opportunity to improve skating technique (speed, efficiency, strength, power) and endurance. We offer 30 min sessions with a ratio of 2 skaters to 1 Trainer. Trainers deliver both instant feedback & more in-depth analysis. Individual & package sessions available. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced skater we can assist you in improving your game in the comfort of an indoor facility. Individual and team rates available.


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