Our Team

Tracey Tallaire, Owner Epic Fitness & Ice/General Manager

Tracey believes there is a direct relationship between movement and mental health. She is passionate about sharing her culmination of life, education and career experience in the health industry with members at Epic. She is a wife, mom, successful business owner and mentor to those who struggle with depression as she does. Tracey also views exercise as the preventative answer to many physical health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, arthritis & diabetes. 


Guy St. Vincent, Manager (Ice Division)/Owner, Topshelf Goaltending

Guy St. Vincent is passionate about helping clients reach new heights in their goaltending and overall ice professions. His hockey career as a successful goaltender spans over a decade where he played in four different leagues (Manitoba Junior Hockey League, Canada West Universities Athletic Association, Central Hockey League and Southern Professional Hockey League).  Guy brought his passion for the game to Southeast Manitoba as Manager of Epic’s Ice Division and with his on-site goaltending training centre, Topshelf Goaltending.  Click HERE for Guy's personal training rates.



Alina Heselwood, Office Manager & Trainer

 Alina believes that taking care of yourself both physically and mentally is the foundation to allowing yourself to flourish. Before following her passion of helping others with their health and wellness goals, Alina worked in the finance industry for eight years and danced for 15 years.  After becoming a mom of two young girls, Alina re-evaluated her lifestyle and made a commitment to becoming the best version of herself in order to set an example and be a role model to her daughters and other women.  She has completed the Personal Training Specialist Course through Canadian Fitness Professionals (Canfitpro) and would like to expand her certification to nutrition, in order to offer members a well balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle.  When she's not helping others on their goals, Alina can be found using her creativity by mastering DIY projects and spending time with her favourite people - her husband and beautiful daughters.

Alina's motto: " Being fit creates a clearing in your life for your authentic spirit to come through. When you love and appreciate your body, you realize how bright your light is." - Lori Harder



Cosette Dorge Bott, Program Manager & Trainer

 Cosette has the firm belief that active living is essential to social, emotional and mental well-being.  As a mom of two young children, she is especially passionate about motivating moms to incorporate fitness in their lives as she has learned first hand that strength and stamina are required to keep up with them!  Cosette's career experiences include Owner/Instructor of Fit 4 Two (c) Pre and Postnatal Fitness Winnipeg-East, Group Fitness Instructor at Snap Fitness and Skating and Sports Camp Instructor with the City of Winnipeg.  She is a Certified Fitness Leader with the Manitoba Fitness Council and specializes in Pre and Postnatal Fitness as well as Sports Conditioning and Resistance Training. Cosette's workout philosophy includes a mix of techniques she learned playing competitive sports, training for fitness competitions and being the daughter of a Phys-Ed teacher.  For fun, Cosette enjoys playing sports and adventurous quad rides in the bush with her family. Click HERE for Cosette's personal training rates.

Cosette's Motto: "Work hard...play hard."



Amber Hudrick, Customer Service

 Amber believes that fitness is the key to a happier life. She considers contributing to the happiness of others her greatest privilege. Amber aspires to become a therapist to continue helping others to improve their quality of life in new ways.  Before joining the Epic team, Amber enjoyed her time as a dance teacher and competitor with Stoney Brook Dance Company.  She volunteers her time toward leadership initiatives at school and with Helping Hands.  Amber likes working out and training to better herself for her track and field team.

 Amber's Motto: "Everything happens for a reason."


Shaedyn Nault, Customer Service

Shaedyn believes that fitness is not only great physically, but also mentally as it boosts your mood and builds confidence. Shaedyn wakes up every day with a fresh outlook on life and with the intention of spreading happiness and positivity to those around her. When not working, Shaedyn enjoys spending time with her dog, being at the lake with friends and family and journaling. She is excited to be part of a strong team and make a difference in the lives of others.

 Shaedyn's Motto: "It is what it is."

Cynthia Cote, Customer Service

Cynthia grew up in a family where the importance of healthy living was emphasized. She participated in multiple sports throughout her childhood and continues to play hockey, figure skating, fastball and volleyball. Cynthia is a NCCP certified CanSkating Coach and Figure Skating Coach. Cynthia believes the human body was made to move and being active is the key to living a long and healthy life. While her passions revolve around a healthy lifestyle, Cynthia has learned the importance of finding a balance between salads and cheeseburgers! When not playing sports, Cynthia enjoys swimming and relaxing in the sun dreaming about what she will have for breakfast!

Cynthia's motto: “I can, and I will, watch me”


Tyler Perkins, Trainer

Tyler has been involved in the fitness industry for over 15 years. He developed a strong passion for strength and conditioning training as a youth by working out and playing hockey at a high level. It wasn’t until he joined the Winnipeg Police force that he began to do training/programming for others. Tyler used this platform to learn, experiment and help his shift mates be better at what they do. A few years later Tyler enrolled into the PTS (Personal Training Specialist) program through Canfit Pro where he became certified. It was crossfit and an injury that led Tyler to Sublime Strength and Conditioning. Here he would meet his mentors and spend 3 years learning, training and coaching an array of individuals with a variety of life goals. Tyler is constantly studying and adapting to find the best balance of enjoying a healthy life inside and outside the Gym.