Topshelf Goaltending (TSG) is Manitoba’s only indoor, full-time, year-round, synthetic ice training facility for Goaltenders of all ages and abilities. Owner/Instructor Guy St. Vincent brings over two decades of experience, skill and knowledge to improve and develop each Goaltender’s game. We offer:

  • Private one-on-one: synthetic ice, dry-land and on-ice training
  • Development and design training programs to meet individual Goaltender’s needs
  • Skill and situational development
  • Evaluation of individual Goaltender’s performance and give appropriate feedback
  • A positive, encouraging and fun atmosphere
  • Attending team practices
  • Mentoring
  • Video analysis
  • Summer clinics
  • Package pricing and discounts


At TSG, we work with the Goaltender’s personal style.  We use a multi-dimensional approach to goaltending – a fusion of historically proven fundamentals combined with current-day movements. Our unique and innovative style of teaching helps Goaltenders reach their peak performance level.

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Our on ice cycle of training includes:

  • Goaltending initiation
  • Fundamental of primary goaltending
  • Game techniques
  • Advanced techniques
  • Advanced game techniques
  • Elite pro training

Off the ice, goaltenders will learn dry land program and testing such as:

  • Strength and conditioning training
  • Speed and agility training
  • Eye hand coordination
  • Proper stretching techniques
  • Pregame routine
  • Mentoring
  • Video analysis

We foster better athletes by dramatically improving speed, endurance, power and flexibility.”


Our three diverse training regiments allow us to develop, design and evaluate a Goaltenders’ performance for the upcoming year. It’s also a plan that will help guardians better understand your Goaltenders needs, your schedule and your budget.

Give us a year with your goaltender and you won't believe the results you will receive.”


SUMMER SEASON (July to September) During this time period it is crucial for goaltenders to get ready for the upcoming season. With a strong summer season, goalies will be in mid-season form for the start of the regular year. It is a misconception that this is the time to “do nothing in the summer”.  If you are not getting ready for the season you will start behind the pack.  It will sometimes take half the year for a player to get back to mid-season form. We suggest that you should take some time off, but suggest that the maximum length of time being one month. It's a good idea for goalies to get their minds off of hockey, to enjoy other sports and the outdoors. But starting late July and early September goalies need to be on ice two to three times a week. We strongly advise at least one summer camp if not two summer camps for optimum results. 

REGULAR SEASON (October to April) During the season goalies have a demanding schedule. Most goalies are often on the ice with 2 games and 2 to 3 practices a week. During this time we offer private 1-on-1 lessons.  These lessons will help the goaltenders through troubled areas, ensure strong techniques, giving them positive feedback and someone to talk to about all situations that occur during the year both on and off the ice. We suggest coming once or twice week through the start of the year through to the playoffs.

OFF SEASON (May to June) during this time period goalies will not have such a hectic schedule. This is the time for you to relax and reflect on your season and put together your goals for the upcoming year. This is the time when we will introduce new techniques; purchase new gear and get use to it and maintain your eye for the puck. Dry land training is crucial during this time period for a goaltenders development.


Programs & Prices

In-House One-on-One Session (each session 1 hour)

NEW CLIENT PROMOTION - 25% off Initial Session


1 Session - $75.00

3 Sessions - $218.25 (3% Discount)

5 Sessions - $356.25 (5% Discount)

10 Sessions - $675.00 (10% Discount)


Contact Info:  Guy St. Vincent



Instagram: @topshelfgoaltending