We care about people’s health and dreams. Whether members want to be the next NHL star, fight depression or lose 20 pounds, we exist to be an impactful part of their journey.”

Epic Fitness & Ice
is a new fitness and training facility located in Ste. Anne, Manitoba.  The welcoming atmosphere suited for all ages and skill levels has two entities: (1) a fitness wing with innovative equipment and programs dedicated to improving quality of life and (2) a state-of-the-art, year-round hockey/ice training wing which includes Topshelf Goaltending training centre.

Guests and members enjoy:

  • Cardio equipment / weight machines
  • Olympic lifting area
  • Green turf workout area
  • Personal training and programming
  • Synthetic ice training area 18 x 32 (also available for rent by individuals and teams)
  • Skating treadmill (also available for rent by individuals and teams)
  • Goaltending training school
  • Hockey trainer for individuals and teams
  • Tanning booth and accessories
  • Child play area
  • Free wi-fi
  • 24/7 access key fob (security surveillance in place)
  • Membership discounts for seniors, veterans, college/university students, Southern health and local school employees
  • Bring a guest for free/first time-free workout
  • Change and shower area
  • Complimentary hand towels and fruit bowl
  • 3 TV’s with remote access and music system